4policies - Policy Management Software UK
Policy management software to test your employees understanding of your policies and procedures – and record their acceptance of them

4policies™ is our policy management software that enables you to educate your employees on your company policies and procedures, identify levels of awareness and crucially record their acceptance of these policies. Your policies surrounding confidentially, pay and pensions, grievance procedures etc. can easily be displayed to your employees and their understanding of them monitored through the extensive reporting facilities built into the software.

4policies™ enables you to:

  • issue and display your key policies and procedures to employees easily and efficiently;
  • monitor policy acceptance across the firm through extensive reporting facilities;
  • test employee understanding of policy details with end of module questions;
  • establish any employee conflicts of interest through the ‘register of interests’ and ‘gifts and hospitality’ functionality; and
  • demonstrate compliance with certain legal employer obligations under various pieces of legislation. For example, Health & Safety, Equality & Diversity, The Bribery Act and The Data Protection Act.

This powerful policy acceptance and compliance software will also allow you to identify any knowledge gaps within your organisation and reduce the operational and legal risks noncompliance with legislative policies could have on your business.

In addition, when used in conjunction with 4learning™ – our elearning management system, 4policies™ will provide a single portal for your employees from which they can undertake e-learning courses and accept your company policies.

What are our clients saying about 4policies™?

4policies™ offers you the complete solution to your policy and procedure management requirements.

“We use 4policies to systematically disseminate key policies to senior staff and give an audit trail of acceptance of policies, replacing the ad-hoc system previously in place. When we use the support team, we find them responsive and helpful. Prior to choosing Insight4GRC, we looked at a number of software options but found that Insight4GRC offered a simple and cost-effective solution which meets all our needs.”

Clare Jowett, Head of Assurance, The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS


4policies - Policy Management Software

Alert your employees to their outstanding policies through our online policy management software

Your company policies are deployed to your staff through a web based interface (either online, or via your intranet) which can be customised to match your company branding. The policies can be grouped  into convenient ‘category’ areas, and a simple ‘traffic light’ shows your staff which policies they need to review and accept. Employees can be automatically alerted via email of any new or overdue policies, and the content of these e-mails is entirely customisable by managers.

In addition 4policies™ has fully configurable multi-language capabilities to ensure that your policies can be deployed to your employees in the language of their choice.

4policies - Policy Management Key Messages

Display ‘key messages’ that summarise the policy that the employee has just read

Once an employee has read their policy they can be shown a series of key messages that both summarise the policy and help enforce the main points behind it.

Key Messages typically fall under ‘You Must…’ and ‘You must not…’  headings. As our policy acceptance software is fully customisable by managers these headings can be completely customised to match your corporate culture and language preferences.

Policy Employee Questions Software

Confirm employee understanding of your policies and procedures through question sections

Prior to accepting a policy an employee can be asked a series of questions related to the policy or procedure they have just read. Failing to correctly answer the required number of questions will result in the employee’s line manager being alerted and the employee unable to formally accept the policy.

The question types built into our policy acceptance software include multiple choice with multiple answer or simple true or false, and can also be made to ‘branch’ depending upon the answers given by the employee giving you ultimate flexibility.

Policy acceptance reporting

Provides you with an ‘at a glance’ status of policy acceptance across your entire organisation

Managers, through a separate administration portal, can see the levels of policy acceptance firm-wide, and drill right down to the individual user level for greater insight in order that appropriate management action can be taken. A comprehensive report engine can output information in tabular and graphical format for inclusion in management reports.

This key tool allows organisations to identify any knowledge gaps within the firm and reduce the operational and legal risks of non-compliance – and it’s all built into this powerful policy management software.

Register of Interests Software

A powerful ‘register of interests’ facility to establish any potential conflicts of interest

A highly configurable ‘register of interests’ function is built into the heart of our policy management software, and this allows organisations to establish any conflicts of interest their employees may have – enabling line managers and directors to be aware of, and act upon, these organisational risks.

This unique feature is supported by ‘intelligent branching’ meaning that different, relevant questions may be presented to employees depending upon the responses given to previous questions.

Gifts and Hospitality Software

Help mitigate commercial issues through the ‘gifts and hospitality’ register

In addition, 4policies™ can be utilised to not only advise employees on company policy regarding gifts and hospitality, but for them to declare any that they have been offered, and, if required, seek further advice surrounding their acceptance. Included in this process is gaining confirmation of the employee’s acceptance and understanding of the organisation’s policies in these matters.

The gifts and hospitality facility built into the policy management software has extensive escalation functionality which flags up potential conflicts of interest based around a set materiality limit, so managers or other nominated individuals can be immediately alerted to any potential commercial issues that could arise from their acceptance.

Insight4GRC™ and your organisation

Governance Risk and Compliance Software Insight4GRC

4policies™ is just one of the modules you can choose from our powerful ‘Insight4GRC™’ governance, risk and compliance software suite

Whether you need a risk management platform, want to ensure that your employees have understood and accepted your company policies or need to mitigate your vicarious liabilities, you’ll find a GRC software module that meets your requirements.

The Insight4GRC™ modules are used by many private, public and third sector organisations

Governance Risk and Compliance Insight4GRC clients
Governance Risk and Compliance Insight4GRC clients
View all products in the suite

Find out how 4policies – our policy management software – and Insight4GRC™ can help your organisation address its governance, risk and compliance issues

We work with over 250 clients across the private, public and third sectors as well as a large number of central government departments and agencies.

Through combining sound business and software experience we understand, and can address, the challenges that organisations face. Speak to us today and find our how RSM and our Insight4GRC™ software products can help your organisation. For more contact details visit our contact page.

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