4action Action Tracking Software
A powerful action tracking software system that helps ensure your agreed management actions and tasks are tracked and that their performance is monitored

4action™ is a powerful action tracking software tool that gives individuals the ability to update the status of actions and tasks that they have been allocated responsibility for by managers, thus ensuring that the action status always reflects a real time position.

By using 4action™, organisations remove the administration and control of actions from a single person who is often unconnected with the action. This task tracking software offers the following features:

  • record and allocate actions to staff or managers;
  • set target dates and auto-alerts for implementation;
  • monitor progress of actions through a full audit trail; and
  • extensive reporting dashboard.

Giving you a complete picture of the status of all of your agreed tasks

4action™’s extensive reporting facilities and the ability to set target dates and automatic notifications for the individuals responsible for actions help ensure administrators have a complete picture of the status of all agreed tasks and management actions.

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What are our clients saying about 4action™?

The use of 4action™ task tracking software will bring clear benefits to your organisation through the increased focus on the implementation of agreed actions.

“Through the use of 4action we have improved significantly the implementation of recommendations from audit and incident reports, providing further assurance to the Board.”

Clare Jowett, Head of Assurance, The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS


4action - user tracking

Users can track of all their assigned management actions and tasks from a single interface

4action™ administrators can assign actions, tasks and recommendation to a user’s work queue so they are tracked and owned by that individual. The user is presented with an overview screen showing all of their assigned tasks and recommendations and the status of each.

The user can drill right down to a detailed view of the task or action via a few simple clicks. At this level of detail the user can see any updates to the action and the documentation that has been attached in the completion of the goal.

4action - full audit

A full audit trail of the progress of all assigned tasks and actions gives you complete awareness and control

4action™‘s task tracking abilities enable you to record all updates to any assigned tasks. This comprehensive audit trail of the progress of individuals’ tasks and actions can be accessed through a simple click of the interface.

This area of 4action™ shows the action summary, the dates when the actions where carried out, any evidence uploaded against the action (such as PDF or Word files) and who actioned the specific task.

4action - dashboards

Quickly and easily identify areas of weakness through an ‘at a glance’ dashboard

4action™‘s powerful dashboard gives managers a complete overview of the status of all actions and tasks across the entire organisation.

Managers are able to interact directly with this interface in order to drill down to the level of each individual action.

4action - email alerts

The automation of tasks. Save time, avoid administrative headaches and ensure users are automatically alerted to their actions and responsibilities

4action™ automates tasks that are commonly performed by an administrator of the audit function.  Automatic email alerts are sent out to chase users for progress and make sure that the relevant people are advised of the status of their actions.

The task tracking software also features integration into Excel – so an update report can be sent to users outside of the network and their updates recorded for submission back to the live system.

4action - prioritise actions

Prioritise individual tasks through a simple action ‘ranking’ facility built into the administration system

4action™ understands that not all actions or tasks have the same level of importance, therefore administrators can valuate and rank individual recommendations to ensure they are dealt with in an appropriate time scale, and monitor their progress via the reports dashboard. Administrators are able to label these ranks with whichever naming conventions fit their organisational requirements best (i.e. ‘High’, ‘Medium’, ‘Low’ etc.) and assign appropriate to time scales to these labels.

4action - Full reporting software

An extensive reporting engine delivers action reports in a variety of formats

4action™‘s powerful reporting facilities allow managers to create and output reports in a variety of formats straight from the software.

This key piece of functionality gives managers up to date information on key actions, tasks and individual performance based on the selected criteria.

4action™ will help your organisation increase focus on the implementation of agreed tasks and actions

The 4action™ action tracking software enables better management of your business actions and recommendations. Here are just some of the benefits you can expect through the use of the software:

  • Greater likelihood that organisational objectives will be achieved through powerful task tracking facilities
  • Greater likelihood of implementing review agencies’ recommendations
  • Better management your organisation and the encouragement of accountability
  • Up to date management information on key actions and individual performance
  • Large efficiency savings in action and recommendation monitoring
  • Ease of reporting for a wide range of different audiences with different information needs
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4action action tracking software

Insight4GRC™ and your organisation

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4action™ is just one of the modules you can choose from our powerful ‘Insight4GRC™’ governance, risk and compliance software suite

Whether you need a risk management platform, want to ensure that your employees have understood and accepted your company policies or need to mitigate your vicarious liabilities, you’ll find a GRC software module that meets your requirements.

The Insight4GRC™ modules are used by many private, public and third sector organisations

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Find out how 4action™ – our action tracking software – and Insight4GRC™ can help your organisation address its governance, risk and compliance issues

We work with over 250 clients across the private, public and third sectors as well as a large number of central government departments and agencies.

Through combining sound business and software experience we understand, and can address, the challenges that organisations face. Speak to us today and find our how RSM and our Insight4GRC™ software products can help your organisation. For more contact details visit our contact page.

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