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Our risk management software provides you with a complete picture of your organisation’s risk, controls and assurance environment

If not properly managed, enterprise-wide risk management can be an organisational and administrative headache that fails to deliver real benefits to your organisation.

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Our 4risk™ risk management software will provide you with a complete picture of your organisation’s risk, mitigation and assurance profile enabling the establishment of enterprise-wide risk management, no matter the size of your organisation or number of locations. The 4risk™ software is positively endorsed by external audit and inspection regimes.

The 4risk™ risk software offers your organisation the following benefits:

  • enables reporting on profiling, categorisation and prioritisation of enterprise-wide risks;
  • provides visibility of the enterprise controls environment;
  • allows for enterprise wide assurance mapping and production of a board assurance framework;
  • tracks progress of actions through to implementation and outcome;
  • reduces risk management administration costs;
  • accessible anywhere via a standard internet browser;
  • used extensively across all sectors; and
  • has licensing models to meet your requirements.

Providing you with risk management information to support decision making at the touch of a button

The 4risk™ risk management software both enables and enhances management’s ability to monitor and measure overall exposure to risk and examine the effectiveness of its control environment at all levels through multiple tailored reporting options.

The flexibility of the risk management software gives your managers the ability to update the status of assigned risks and actions thus removing the requirement for risk management administration to fall on the shoulders of a single person.

Organisations from both the corporate and the public sector, including PLCs, owner controlled businesses, NDPB’s, Colleges, Local Authorities, PCT’s, RSL’s and charities are already benefiting from the strength that  our risk solutions give to the management of their risk data and efficiencies in administering risk management processes.

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Webinar: Should COVID-19 have increased or decreased your risk appetite?

Matt Humphrey, RSM Risk Advisory Partner, shares some of the key findings from a recent RSM risk appetite survey. Watch the video here

What are our clients saying about 4risk™?

4risk™ risk management software makes your risk and assurance management more effective and efficient.

“Since purchasing and implementing the 4risk portal across our organisation, SAHA has seen a marked and positive change in the way we scope, manage and report business risks. Moving from fairly cumbersome spreadsheet-based risk mapping, we’ve now fully embedded the portal across the business, and have seen risk reporting to Committees and Board improving beyond expectations.”

“4risk is proving to be a wise and worthwhile investment for the Salvation Army Housing Association, supporting and driving us to deliver more effective risk management, right across our business.”

Argiri Papathos, Executive Director of Corporate Services,

“4risk is a flexible, highly customisable enabler of risk management strategy and process. The flexible reports can be built to any specification within the space limitations of the page to meet the informational needs of staff users and board members alike. This is a system that brings risk registers to life and helps make them instrumental in ensuring that business objectives are successfully achieved.”

UKAD Testimonial 4rsk

Julia Hardy, UK Anti-Doping

4risk risk management credentials

Risk Management Reporting

An at a glance overview of your risk status through interactive dashboards

Dashboards can be set up for your users to provide them with an instant picture of their risks, controls, assurance and actions. Interactive charts allow users to click into, and drill right down into, the sub-data to provide them with greater detail and insight.

The dashboards can be configured as required and different dashboards can be created for individuals and groups of users ensuring that relevant information is always displayed.

4risk™ also has a standard set of reports which can be configured by users to meet their specific requirements.

4risk Risk Management software intuitive interface

An intuitive and easy to navigate interface – our risk management system meets the needs of all types of users

We recognise that 4risk will be used in varying intensity by different users across your organisation – from heavy users such as risk managers, right through to those who perhaps only access the system once a quarter to update their risks.

Therefore 4risk™ uses icons and clear navigation to help guide the user through the system. 4risk™ uses a top down approach to data entry, ensuring that information is entered and updated quickly and easily without unnecessary data entry and the need for clicking though endless screens.

Risk Management Software control mapping

Ensure your controls are working effectively through assurance mapping facilities

4risk™ allows your organisation to not only detail the controls relied upon to reduce risk – but also to map the sources of assurances. These features provide you with confidence that your controls are working effectively – or enable you to take steps if they are not.

In addition, you can also attach a RAG rating (or any other colour combination) to each assurance level – giving you even greater control.

The assurance mechanism within 4risk™ allows you to prompt the control owners to review the effectiveness of controls based on what sources of assurance are telling them.

Risk Management action tracking reports

Powerful action tracking facilities enable you to further reduce your organisational risks

4risk™ has an action tracking facility for when your organisation needs to take further action to reduce a risk or put in place appropriate assurance sources.

Automatic email notifications can be used to alert relevant individuals of impending or overdue deadlines so that actions can be taken.

The status of the organisation’s actions can be tracked and reported through the dashboard or by using the power report building facilities.

Risk Management software report builder

A powerful report builder built into the heart of our risk management system gives you custom control over your outputs. Your reports, your way

4risk™’s report building facility allows bespoke reports to be developed to meet the exact reporting requirements, allowing them to be amended, saved and reconfigured quickly as and when required.

4risk™ also comes with a standard set of reports which can be configured by users as required to provide management and board with the information needed to support decision making.

Reports can be produced in Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF formats.

Risk Management email alerts

An automated email reminder system ensure the required staff are always aware of their responsibilities

4risk™ has the capability to issue reminder emails to the owners of risks, controls and actions to ensure they are promoted to undertake updates and reviews. These email reminders can be configured to be sent within a time frame specific to your organisation and the wording of each email can be easily tailored to ensure that messages are personalised to reflect your company culture.

The system also maintains a log of all emails that are sent to users that show the date, time and the recipient – providing your organisation with a full audit trail should the need arise.

Map risk mitigation

Risk mitigation mapping includes the internal control framework upon which your organisation relies to manage risk.

Quickly formulate action plans

4risk™ enables the formulation of risk management action plans to improve your management and tracking of risk, including assignment of actions and cost analysis.

Identify Assurance gaps

The risk management system produces an “assurance framework” allowing you to identify any gaps in assurance over key controls.

Utilise our risks and measures

Utilise a full range of risks tailored to your organisation in the risk management system after consultation with our risk management specialists.

Record existing control framework

An intuitive interface enables you to easily input your risk and control information.

Record your residual risks

Your residual risks can also be entered into the software giving you a complete picture.

Insight4GRC™ and your organisation

Governance Risk and Compliance Software Insight4GRC

4risk™ is just one of the modules you can choose from our powerful ‘Insight4GRC™’ governance, risk and compliance software suite

Whether you need a risk management platform, want to ensure that your employees have understood and accepted your company policies or need to mitigate your vicarious liabilities, you’ll find a GRC software module that meets your requirements.

The Insight4GRC™ modules are used by many private, public and third sector organisations

Insight4GRC organisations
Governance Risk and Compliance Insight4GRC clients
View all products in the suite

Find out how 4risk™ – our risk management system – and Insight4GRC™ can help your organisation address its governance, risk and compliance issues

We work with over 250 clients across the private, public and third sectors as well as a large number of central government departments and agencies.

Through combining sound business and software experience we understand, and can address, the challenges that organisations face. Speak to us today and find our how RSM and our Insight4GRC™ software products can help your organisation. For more contact details visit our contact page.

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4risk™ and RSM – we offer your organisation the complete solution to your risk management issues

The 4risk™ software includes consultancy support to set up up your risk management system to ensure that it meets your organisational needs. We also provide full training, all software upgrades and access to our dedicated Help Desk. In addition, and if required, we can advise you on how to improve your risk management, including:

  • The development of your risk management and business assurance framework
  • Completion of business risk and threat analysis
  • Facilitating workshops to enable risk identification, evaluation and action planning
  • Reviewing the cost-effectiveness of risk management and insurance arrangements
  • Risk management awareness training
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